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Cooling and Applied Technology, Inc. was started in April 1997 by Mr. Michael E. Miller and Mr. Andrew C. Estes for the purpose of developing chilling systems for the poultry industry and other auxiliary equipment. Mr. J. Barton Langley joined the company as a partner in September of the same year.  The company was located in a small manufacturing shop in Russellville, Arkansas and started taking orders from customers almost immediately due to the experience of the partners in the industry. 

November 1999 saw the company move into a fifty thousand square foot facility also located in Russellville to facilitate the phenomenal growth the company was experiencing.  The FATCAT line of chilling systems was launched in November 1998 and has become the industry standard. 

The year 2000 was again a year of rapid growth with the start up of the scale division.  The company really began to spread its wings into new directions.  Rapid growth continued through 2002 when the company launched the refrigeration division, and sales were starting to grow world wide.  January 2002 saw the company with yet another division, "pump and heat transfer," to take advantage of the huge success the VC series pump had brought, along with new technological developments with strategic partners. 

2004 also brought another milestone, the company's first major acquisition, MEPSCO, Inc., the leader in injection technology and equipment in the poultry and red meat industry.  

2005 was a record setting year for C.A.T., Inc., which grew to over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space.  This amazing growth was achieved with the completion of a new ASME vessel manufacturing facility and a state of the art machining facility.

C.A.T. has come from humble beginnings to being a global force in the industry.  Many companies struggle with the unprecedented growth that C.A.T., Inc. has enjoyed, but we have managed this growth by keeping one simple direction in mind:  "Value to our clients".  We strive to give our customers the most value for the purchase, albeit; equipment, engineering or service, we are dedicated to delivering value to our most important client--YOU!


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C.A.T., Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of UPEC as our exclusive agent for equipment system sales in Australia and New Zealand.

Boris Showniruk at UPEC
Tele: +61 (2) 942 1611
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C.A.T., Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Pemberton & Associates as our exclusive agent for equipment system sales in Canada.
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Dennis Hicks at Pemberton & Associates, Inc.
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